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Based on 27 reviews
Best supplement for hormonal acne

This didn’t really help me with my cramps, but it is a great great remedy for my cystic acne!! After 1 week, my skin is so clear! My skin is less oily and there is a glow to it. I feel so much confident now! This is AWESOME!

Finally I found something for my MOODSWINGS

Thanks so much for this remedy! Prior to every period, I always have moodiness and mood swings. I always get into arguments with my husband during this time. We can significantly see a difference after eating these gummies! Moreover, my period cramps are much much better now!

Feli Cristi

I think that this is literally a miracle herb of some sort for hormone regulation. Before taking these gummies, I believe my hormones were going whack because of stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, and many more. Within 24 hours of taking these gummies, I immediately noticed some changes (even though they were small ones). I love this so much, so much so, that I literally recommended it to everyone I know!


I am now 50 years old and just beginning my menopause. While doing research, I keep seeing this product pop up, and so I thought I’d give this a shot. Definitely no regrets! I’ve noticed so many changes in my behavior already! A++++

A new fan

I adore these gummies! Honestly, I’m the type to be in pain every time I have my period, but I’m so glad I found this product because it helped keep my hormones in balance. I no longer act out, I love how I feel, and I think it even helped my acne condition! Definitely a fan of this!

Caitlin St. Pierre
Awesome and amazing!

What an awesome and amazing product! Truly recommend this to anyone who’s suffering from pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms!

Try it

I’ve had these gummies for a week now, and to be frank, it’s been helping a lot! My hot flashes don’t happen as often anymore, or if they do, they no longer last as long! Thank heavens! I hope that in the succeeding weeks, my situation even gets better!


It doesn’t really get better than this! Definitely something I’ll recommend to all my family and friends!

This plant-based remedy is awesome!

I ordered these gummies because I wanted a natural alternative to help me with my horrific hot flashes and unstable hormones. I’ve had enough off prescription meds and supplements, which I honestly think isn’t even effective. What I like most of this is item is that it’s all-natural and plant-based, and so I don’t have to worry about any unwanted side effects!

I love this!

As funny as it sounds, I felt like I became somewhat less evil with these gummies during PMS time lol! This definitely makes a difference!

Feeling great

I have anxiety alongside my pmdd, and sadly, medications for my anxiety doesn’t seem to help my depression. Fortunately, I found these gummies and it really made my mood swings much more manageable!

Kathleen Kenyon
Great vitamins

This is literally heaven sent for all the women out there!

Kristi Smith
Lovely gummies

Before finding this product, I was so tired of life, tired of picking fights with my husband, tired of being anxious 24/7, tired of being out of control. This definitely turned my life around and that’s why I feel so strongly about these gummies!

Miranda Sickmeyer
Mood swing & hormonal changes

This product literally saved my life! No doubt, a must-try for anyone who suffers from hormonal changes and unnecessary mood swings!

Try this!

I’m so grateful for these gummies and how they changed not only my life, but also my family’s.

Patricia V.

I’ve only got one thing to say, try this product out, and you’ll see how it will work wonders for you! Like it did for me!

Catherine Taylor
Life changer…

This product is definitely a life changer for me… Since I started taking these gummies, I feel so much better and it’s exactly what my body needs right now! Getting my hands on this is one of the best things that happened to me…

Wow wow

As a person, my hormones are very imbalanced, and therefore, I have a hard time getting pregnant. However, after using this God-sent gummy product for only 3 months, my hormones got balanced, and I even got pregnant!

Great for pmdd

This product worked fantastically alongside my pmdd, and best of all, it worked almost instantly. Definitely recommend this to anyone who undergo mood swings during pmdd.

5 stars

Up to now, I honestly can’t believe how effective this product is and how much it changed my life!

martha Lamar
Love this

Honestly, so upset I didn't know about this sooner because years of fights and sufferings could've easily been avoided! I can’t put into words about what I’m feelings, I just know that I’m very very thankful and grateful!

Great pms remedy

Of all the meds and supplements I've taken throughout the past years, this product works the fastest! This helped my PMS like nothing else, and I literally noticed changes in my habits within 7 days! Ugh, I feel so bad about wasting so much time and money on other pills when this product existed!

Kaitlyn Goode
Give this a try!

Reading reviews online can be so confusing! Let me help you out! These gummies work with women who have high or low estrogen, and so, before trying anything else, please please try this one first! This might be the thing that saves your life! I mean, there’s really no harm in trying!

Amazing experience

Despite buying so many things online, I’m never the type to write these kinds of reviews, but this time around, I just feel the urge to share my amazing experience with this product. I used to struggle so much with pmdd! From anxiety and paranoia to irritability and anger, it seems like I completely turn into a different person, or even monster like what my peers tell me. I’ve tried so many things to solve these issues. I visited the doctor. I drank some prescription pills, but nothing happened. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended me to try out these gummies. At first, I was very apprehensive and didn’t even want to try this out, but shout out to my bestie for still getting them for me. To my disbelief, I feel like myself again! This product is a miracle, and I hope it helps others as much as it has helped me.


If you’re like me who doesn’t easily trust reviews online, then all I can say is let the product speak out for itself! Give these gummies a shot, and see how it will change your life for the better!

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